Steuart's Pain Formula

Steuart's Pain Formula
Steuart's Pain Formula is a unique formulation for relieving joint and muscle pain. It contains Comfrey and Arnica in a liposome base that penetrates the skin rapidly. Steuart's Pain Formula provides significant and rapid relief of joint and muscle pain associated with arthritis and injuries. It has little or no odor and it penetrates the skin instantly. It is not greasy or oily and it does not change temperature on contact with the skin.

About the ingredients: The liposome base is derived from safflowers and is very compatible with human skin. Comfrey is recognized as having healing properties. Arnica is very good for bruises and sprains. Other ingredients include Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil, and Glycerine.

Directions: Apply a small amount over the area where the pain occurs. Steuart's Pain Formula will normally reduce pain within 5 to 15 minutes after application, and can be effective for up to 8 hours. Reapply when the pain reoccurs.


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